Booking Celebrity Ambassadorial Roles for Global Brands!

Posted on November 7, 2014 at 8:05 AM

How Celebrity Ambassadorial Roles Work?

These days the role of celebrity brand ambassadors has increased significantly.

Studies show that consumers use the product if they see that their favourite celebrities are the brand’s ambassadors. They have become brand ambassadors from products and well known international Brands such as Omega, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Coca Cola, Loreal and Chanel.

That’s why companies these days use celebrities to head their advertising campaign to attract more customers. What is a brand ambassador? And what is its significant role of changing the face of beauty.

A brand ambassador is hired by a certain company to act as the face of the brand. They represent what the product or service is all about. In addition, they are chosen because they have the right look and image to be the Face and Ambassador of the Company and Brand.

Being a brand ambassador can be very tricky because you have to maintain a good and clean image. They have to make sure that they won’t do something stupid that can tarnish the image and reputation of the company. There have been instances in which some celebrity endorsers have been kicked out of the advertising campaign because of a bad thing that they did. Of course, companies are paying a lot of money to hire celebrities to be the face of their campaign. The least thing that a celebrity can do is to maintain a clean image.

Indeed, celebrities have changed the face of advertising. They have become the target of companies be their representative because of their influence with consumers. Think about it, if Leonardo Dicaprio wasn’t the image model of the brand Tag Heuer, or Daniel Craig wasn’t the Model of the Brand Omega, do you think the company will experience an increase on their sales? Furthermore, designer brands like St. John and Louis Vuitton have used celebrities instead of models to star in their ad campaigns. For instance, celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson and Madonna.


As you can see, the world of branding has changed significantly in past years. While there are still some companies that opt to use ordinary people to star in their campaign, most major brands prefer to use celebrities. This is their way of preserving status and prestige in the competitive world of business.

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