Worldwide Music Synchronisation For Film, TV, Advertisements & Games

Posted on November 7, 2014 at 9:45 AM

Music Synchronisation For Film, TV, Advertisements & Games

''Supplying Moving Image with Creative Sounds''

PRB Media Sync division provides music placement, music supervision and services to areas across the multimedia and entertainment industry ranging from Film, TV, Advertisements & Games.

We work directly with Film, TV & Music executives and producers in Hollywood, LA, New York, UK & Europe representing music from unsigned to globally recognised music & song catalogue’s on a worldwide basis for music synchronisation placements in (Film, TV, Games & Advertisements).

The PRB Sync team delivers a time efficient and cost effective service, providing creative music solutions for Advertising Agencies, TV, Film & Gaming production companies around the globe.

In-House Writing and Production Teams

PRB have acquired a varied and eclectic roster of carefully selected talent including; renowned composers, producers & songwriters for sync opportunities which runs alongside our celebrity, music management & booking agency.

We are able to provide our clients with music which is fully produced and mastered by our experienced team who have provided creative sounds for major motion pictures, games, advertisements and television placements.

We can help match your needs with our extensive catalogue’s of varied music available and we can also write to specific briefs for your project/s.

Submit Your Projects and Work

We provide an efficient service for Creatives, Directors, Producers & Editors, which includes; creatives searching for music, rights negotiation & licensing, pre-cleared music, bespoke composition & sound design, re-records & maximising branding with sound.

We welcome unsigned and signed Artists, Songwriters, Composers & Producers to work with our global platform for the opportunity for your music to be placed in Films, TV, Advertising, Games & all other forms of media across the entertainment sector.

For more information and enquiries on our 20,000+ music catalogues and our in-house writing teams, please send your project details here – [email protected]

For all other enquiries please contact – [email protected]

We look forward to working with you.

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