Reality Shows - Good or Bad?

Posted on November 10, 2014 at 8:10 AM

Looking at the current crop of reality shows, would you say it is about time to shelve the format, haven't people had enough of Britain Got Talent, X Factor, The Voice... or do we still love the underdog and cheer on our favourite contestant, only to find they have been eliminated, or maybe plucked from obscurity.... yeah right, or should we have voted or not; I just can't decide.


I think most people are aware of the manipulation of this TV format which has been running for many years now, but we still can't resist the temptation of watching, with our friends over a beer and moaning about the show. Why do we moan, well I think there are several reason's for this.


If you have a good understanding on how the ''entertainment'' industry works, then you have a good head start, the contestant who was picked from working in Tesco's, Post Office etc, and put on a stage to grace millions of people will have the opportunity to capture the audience, but very few of these people have worked hard, been professionally trained, trodden the boards, worked for little or no money... so on and so on, if you like not done their apprenticeships necessarly, so I can understand when a lot of people feel very frustrated and aggrieved.


But on the other hand the person who has put themselves forward for public humiliation or adoration, could be on a very naive road, you see all they wish to do is just become FAMOUS without all the hard work, you could say in time they will get there just deserves, probably about 12/18 months if they are lucky to earn some money and fade into obscurity... and look like who some was famous for a while....


I think we all have different views and thoughts on this area, know one is right or wrong, just all have an opinion which is cool. I think the sad point is people to think the road is paved with gold, only to find the road has dried up and the agent has move on to the next big thing. If you look back in time to the great Hollywood era of the 50's, this was a magical time when stars were stars, and that sprinkling of magical dust, you couldn't see, but you knew it was there true performers, stars, celebrities were born, nurtured and developed.... I suppose the world moves on, but I do think celebrity status should be for the very few, and NOT the masses, just a thought !!

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