Our team provides specialized royalty collection & audit services for Recording Artists, Producers, Songwriters, Music Publishers, Motion Picture, Production companies, Actors and royalty participants. A royalty participant has the valuable and contractual right to verify the accuracy of royalty statements and payments. 

Our team at PRB ensures that proper royalty accounting's and payments have been rendered to its clients. Part of the audit process, the team provides extensive source to statement checks and balances, verifying; royalty rates, recoup-able items, unit reporting's, unmatched items, any unaccounted-for compositions or products, sales inventories, free goods, reserves and reserves liquidations.

Get paid for both mechanical and performance royalties for your original music - see below;

Performance royalties — this is whenever your music is played on the TV or radio, performed in a live venue, or streamed online.

Mechanical royalties — this whenever your music is streamed globally or downloaded internationally.

This is where PRB Media comes in to take care of this whole process for you. We’ll make sure you get paid everything you’re owed — worldwide.

For more detailed information regarding our royalty and collection service - please contact - [email protected]